OceanFlux: Sea-Spray Aerosol (OSSA) Team composition







Prof. dr. G. de Leeuw

Sea-spray aerosol and satellite remote sensing expert

Coordinator and general manager

sea-spray flux measurements, aerosol retrievals, integration.


Ms. Noora Timperi

Project management

Contractual management

Project management


Dr. L. Sogacheva

Satellite remote sensing and data analysis


Aerosol and cloud properties from satellites


Dr. H. Korhonen

Aerosol modeling expert

WP leader

Global climate modeling with focus on aerosol schemes and radiative forcing.


Dr. A.M.M. Manders-Groot

Satellite remote sensing and modeling; SSSF development.

Data analysis

CTM modeling and use of remote sensing data with focus on aerosols and ocean colour products.


Prof. Dr. C.O’Dowd

Sea spray aerosol and organics, SSSF development and implementation in large scale models

WP leader

Large scale project management and delivery, sea spray flux measurements, lab studies, continuous measurements, high resolution characterization of oranic components, SSSF development and integration into CTMs and climate models, direct and indirect effect of sea-spray.


Dr. J. Ovadnevaite

Sea spray aerosol and organics

Data Analysis

Quality controlled interpretation of marine aerosol datasets; focus on high resolution mass spectrometry and evaluation of large scale model predictions with in-situ data.